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WELCOME to ultimate fighting sim! here you manage a simulated career of YOUR very own cage fighter!  Become a rookie fighter and build them into the ultimate fighter! Manage all aspects of YOUR fighter, Join camps(teams) or create your own! Pick a specific training camp on fight week to help boost your strengths, or tune up your weakness! Move up or down the rankings or even change weight division! its all up to you!

1) This is a simulated universe, ALL fights will be determined by wmma 4 simulator.  Although fights are simulated, your path is in your hands! feel like you lack KO power? use fight week to train your punching power, feel your grappling could use a boost? then use fight week to train your grappling! its ALL up to YOU!

2) Fight Week - Fight week is the week leading up to a fight card, only fighters on the upcoming card can participate in fight week training camps. however team bonus still carries over, wether you are on the card or not.

3) Fight Cards - Fight cards are the weeks fights, if you are not on the card it is either because you were on the previous weeks card, or, there were more important fights in your weight division(rookie debuts or contenders match ups). its still possible to get on a fight card IF there is a fighter without an opponant in your weight division, or if a fighter pulls out of a fight , gets injured etc. these are short notice fights.

4) Short notice fight - A short notice fight is a fight where one opponant excepts the fight on short notice, due to an injury or drop out etc. the rewards for winning the fight are greater BUT you wont get to participate in fight week.

5) Fighters can call each other out, BUT, if the fight happens or not depends on wether the bookers(admins) think its a viable option, for example 2 fighters on a win streak, a champion calling out a high ranked fighter etc.

6) Teams/Gyms - it is possible to join or create your own team(gym). each gym has its own bonus to stats upgrades and reputation. there are the real life gyms that you Could get offered to join - Gyms give bonus to certain stats, you can check what bonus the gym gives by visiting the Gyms thread. The higher the reputation of the Gym, the better the trainers, the higher the bonus given. Reputation is based around the fighters at the Gym, Gyms that have high higher ranked fighters will have a higher reputation. The base Gyms reputation WILL NOT change, this only applies to Player run Gyms.

7) Starting your own team/gym - To start your own Gym, you will need a reputation score of at least 500 ( roughly about 5 wins) and you cannot disband the Gym untill you have represented the gym in 10 fights, this can be multiple fighters, say 1 fighter had 2 fights, another had 3 and the owner had 5 fights representing the Gym. How do you represent the gym? easy, just fight whilst being a member of that Gym.

8) Title fights - DO NOT ASK/DEMAND title fights, you get what you earn

9) Retire fighter/ HoF - Your fighter can be retired after 20 fights, but you dont have to retire, its all about YOUR legacy. Hall of fame status is granted to those who have had great careers, not everyone will have a HoF worthy career. At 60 fights you enter auto retire, where your next fight is your last. your fighter will stay in the database as a retired fighter, and you can even open a Gym with him/her as the head trainer to further YOUR legacy!.

10) Injuries - OK, injuries happen, its part of the territory. If you are Injured you will not be able to compete untill that Injury is healed, some can take a few days, others a few months. Injuries are rare though, so count yourself unlucky if you get one, but it happens.

OK so thats the basics of it. if you have any questions post them below and we will try to answer them as fast as possible, there is ALOT more to it then whats explained, but its mostly behind the scenes stuff.

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